harow skull armchair
harow skull armchair
harow skull armchair
harow skull armchair
harow skull armchair


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The complexity of its shape is in direct correlation with the undeniable difficulty of its fabrication, which is part and parcel of this project's artistic process. The primitive brutality of the work has been developed with contemporary finesse, while the geometry and stereotomy of the angular structure demand specific steps during fabrication, in line with the meticulous techniques of the stonemasons. The ornamental elements, details of solemn classicism, rise up like mythological scenes and bear witness to the inimitably French quality of the work. A sophisticated and innovative exploration of materials allows for the creation of the fabric and the stuffing, giving admirable proof of the richness of the materials used.

The "Sea Shepherd Skull Armchair" is a raw work developed with the same passion and positive energy. Its angular structure, conceived in a dark blue finish, symbolises all of the oceans and seas that cross our Earth. Loyal to the colours of the Sea Shepherd warships, its camouflage is a modest homage to each vessel and its crew, to the men and women roaming the seas in defence of the biodiversity of oceans across the world.

All proceeds from this project will go to the Sea Shepherd Foundation.

Sea Shepherd Skull Armchair

150 cm x 120 cm x 110 cm. 

75 kg.

Structure of reinforced fiberglass / Steel internal frame.

Dark Blue finish / Arctic Sea Shepherd camo / SSS Steve Irwin. 

Unique edition.