Mr. Satan (ミスター・サタン Misutā Satan), known as Hercule in some of Funimation's dub and in Viz's English manga, is a flamboyant martial artist that becomes a world-renowned hero after the Cell Games. After Goku and his companions stop attending the Tenka'ichi Budōkai, Mr. Satan starts winning them and becomes the reigning champion for many years. During the Cell Games, he attempts to fight Cell, but even after being swatted away, he is given credit for Cell's death by the media. He is soon called a world hero, gaining great wealth and a city named after him. Though Goku and his companions find his inflated ego and arrogance very annoying, he becomes their trusted friend after befriending the good Majin Boo. He helped defeat the evil version of Boo by using his celebrity to rally the people of Earth to contribute their energy to Goku's Genki-Dama. The good Majin Boo moves in and lives with Mr. Satan and his pet labrador retriever Bee (ベエ Bē).

Satan *Hercule*

120cm x 120cm
Painting on wood.
Inspired by Dragnon Ball Z / Akira Toriyama.


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