ORBITAL Sofa "Odyssey Edition".
An orbital station or an orbital space station, is a spacecraft capable of supporting crewmembers, which is designed to remain in space (most commonly as an artificial satellite in low Earth orbit) for an extended period of time and for other spacecraft to dock.
A space station is distinguished from other spacecraft used for human spaceflight by lack of major propulsion or landing systems. Instead, other vehicles transport people and cargo to and from the station.


Orbital Armchair

158 cm x 110 cm x 77 cm.
40 kg.

Orbital Sofa

298 cm x 110 cm x 77 cm.
65 kg.

On request, we can supply custom sizes and configurations.

Fabric, 68% wool / 22% polyamide / 10% polyester.
Steel structure / Matt or high gloss white.
Numbered models.

Entirely handmade and handcrafted in Paris, France.

Orbital Sofa, Artistic Furniture.

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