KHEOPS Console

• 1971
A record of the daily life of mankind since antiquity, wall writings have always been a means of expression and transmission. Sometimes playful or romantic, but also demanding or denunciatory, modern graffiti falls under pure, substantial communication, serving to spread a message at any given moment. Urban graffiti therefore often develops in a context of political, economic, or social tension. Its use reaches its height during revolutions and occupations, whether during the Algerian war or in May 1968. The Berlin Wall is a striking example.

An exercise in sturdiness and elegance, the Kheops “Vandal” collection connects a sample of raw concrete, whose surface is left untreated after the removal of the formwork, to a massive brass structure, manufactured to 1/100th scale. The urban concrete merges with an artistic composition of tags and graffiti, a technical performance produced using aerosols. Generally conceived under high pressure, each tag is an act repeated ad infinitum by its creator, until it becomes almost mechanical. Each living and contemporary piece of calligraphy provides a brutal elegance and a unique finish to each piece.


KHEOPS Console

*Vandal Edition.

130 cm x 30 cm x 80 cm.
105 kg.

Concrete / Spray paint.
Cupro-Aluminium alloy.
Unique Edition.

Entirely handmade and handcrafted in Paris, France.

KHEOPS Console & Table, Artistic Furniture.

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