With the Ultra Instinct -Sign- form, Goku is capable of using the Ultra Instinct ability. However, Goku could only subconsciously activate this form after enduring prolonged stress against a stronger opponent and can only maintain it for a brief period of time before collapsing in exhaustion; his thoughts will somehow start to take control of his motions when Goku switched from defense to offense, which makes attacking less adequate. Whis commented that before Goku is capable of exerting the full potential of Ultra Instinct, he has to master it at the offensive level, by separating his body from his consciousness while attacking. Frieza also noted that Goku's body needs to withstand an overwhelming physical stress as the cost of such a gain in power. Once Goku fully focused his heart and soul into Ultra Instinct -Sign- form, he has gained access to a new transformation that gives him complete mastery of Ultra Instinct. In this ultimate state of fighting, Goku was able to ultilize both the defensive and offensive might of this ability. However, Goku can not access Ultra Instinct on his own and it only activates when he is in the most dire of situations.

Kakarotto *UI*

120cm x 120cm
Painting on canvas.
Inspired by Dragnon Ball Z / Akira Toriyama.