The Godkiller remained stored in a Dyson Sphere for eons. The Rigellian Recorder 451 learned of its existence and spent hundreds of years looking for it and its parts, with the last of them being known as the Heart of the Voldi. 451 planned for the Godkiller to be used as a nuclear detterent of Earth, as it believed humanity had the potential to bring universal peace in the future, and 451 needed a pilot as the autopilot of the Godkiller was extremely clumsy. To this end, 451 genetically engineered the unborn child of Howard Stark, one of the people whose possible offspring 451 determined would be best suitable for becoming the Godkiller's pilot.

Iron *God Killer*

190cm x 66cm
Painting on wood.
Inspired by Marvel comics / Infinity / Dale Eaglesham.