On a distant planet, an alien being known as Outrider returns (Outriders are genetically produced assassins that serve their masters) and brings a message about a planet known as Ahl-Agullo to another alien being, Corvus Glaive. Corvus Glaive relays this message for his master and asks if this pleases him. Corvus Glaive's master replies "yes" as the Outrider is sent on another mission. Corvus Glaive appears on Ahl-Agullo and demands a tribute from the king of the Ahl-Agullo and references that its planet's greatest warrior and son is dead. Corvus Glaive then reveals that the last time his master came to this world, he burned this world down and asks the king to pay a tribute. Returning to his master, Corvus Glaive gives his master Ahl-Agullo's tribute and asks if this tribute pleases him. Corvus' master Thanos replies "yes". The tribute is revealed to be a crate containing the severed heads of many Ahl-Agullo citizens.

Hulk *Infinity*

140cm x 105cm
Painting on Wood.
Inspired by Marvel comics / Infinity / Jerome OpeƱa.