Handstyle or hand style is a term in graffiti culture denoting the unique handwriting or signature of an artist, also known as a writer. Handstyle can also be shortened to "hand." Much like fonts on one's computer or calligraphy there are many different handstyles. Writers, crews, or cities, can be said to have a unique handstyle.The concept of a unique and expressive handstyle developed over time. In the New York and Philadelphia in the 70s, a tag's style was the writer's personal handwriting. Over time, the concept of a handstyle emerged through the stylizing of these tags. Handstyles can be used as the basis for evaluation. Writers are usually perceived as having "good" or "bad" handstyles by those in the graffiti community. Usually, aesthetically-pleasing and consistent styles are preferred, while bad hands are considered as lacking practice or style.

HAROW* *Houser*

620cm x 330cm
Street Art / Painting on wall.
Inspired by Handstyler / Harow.