Freeza is capable of moving at superhuman speeds, flying, and has quick reflexes. Like most characters in the series, he can harness a supernatural energy known as Ki and manipulate it into powerful and devastating concussive beams of said energy, with which he is able to destroy planets with relative ease. Some of Freeza's signature ki techniques include the Death Beam (デスビーム Desu Bīmu), a sharp piercing beam from his finger, and the Death Ball (デスボール Desu Bōru), a large energy sphere he used to destroy planet Namek. He is capable of surviving in the vacuum of space, and also seems to possess some form of telekinesis, being able to lift opponents without touching them and cause them to explode.

Freezer *LV*

120cm x 180cm
Painting on wood.
Inspired by Dragnon Ball Z / Akira Toriyama / Louis Vuitton.