Harow Consulting


HAROW consulting services ranging from material selection, process selection, manufacturing technic and product testing. Although we still provide all of these comprehensive services for our studio, we can assist you into the complete feasibility study of your project, to thus enabling us to control the initial vital steps of creating a new piece.

It is important to then identify if any product or technology optimisation exist, and to properly identify how can be realized in best possible conditions.
Our Engineering team consists of prototyping , mechanical, molding, casting (steel - alumunium - bronze..) digitally milled and industrial design engineers. We have provided our consulting services on a variety of project ranging from classical sculpture to complex resin polymerisation and process optimization and small batch production.
Fields of expertise from resin and fibreglass assembly to cutting granite, marble, reinforced concrete to the development of steel / aluminium / nickel structure, we are in daily research of any development.



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