Baby (ベビー Bebī) is an anime-only character that first appears in the 22nd episode of Dragon Ball GT. He is a parasitic alien created by combining the DNA of the king of the Tuffles (ツフル人 Tsufuru-jin) with a cybernetic body. Baby desires to destroy all of the Saiyans to avenge his people, who stole their home planet from them. Baby is first reactivated from a sleep state by his creator, Doctor Myu (ドクター・ミュー Dokutā Myū). He attempts to fight Goku, Trunks, and Pan, but is easily defeated. To boost his power, Baby infects various people with his DNA and begins gathering energy from them.

Vegeta *Baby*

120 cm x 120 cm
Painting on wood.
Inspired by Dragnon Ball Z / Akira Toriyama.